Right or Left?

No, I’m not talking about Right or Left handedness or even politics.  I’m talking about Right and Left brained thinking.  I happen to be a Right Brainer and I suppose that’s why I’m always late for things or why I flutter back and forth across my classroom as I pick up at the end of the day instead of taking care of one thing at a time.  The research on right and left brained dominance is abundant; in fact, it has become quite popular these days.

We know that the left brain thinks in a linear manner while the right is holistic. The left is sequential and the right is random. The left brain processes symbolically while the right is more concrete.  The left is Linguistic and the right is predominantly nonverbal. These are the basic ways of thinking and knowing that I teach my 5th grade students while they are learning how to discover and use their R-Modes in my classroom.

Being an art teacher, I spent years favoring Right Brain thinking, especially since the teaching strategies in most public schools are Left Brain dominant.  However, after reading Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, I walked away with an understanding and appreciation for both sides of the brain.  We can’t solely survive using or nurturing only one half of what’s inside our 8 pound heads!  We’ve got to nurture both sides of the brain and educate not only the whole child but the whole mind.  Now if only we could get our schools to add more fine arts time in the day…

Are you Right Brained or Left Brained?

Take this quiz to find out now!


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  1. As a very left-right balanced music teacher, I totally get what you’re saying. Whole child, period. But, I think it is important to remember that we all play to our strengths when we seek out careers. I was never going to attempt a career as a distance runner, and my husband was never going to teach spelling.
    Right or left… WE ARE WHAT WE CONSISTENTLY DO. (Stole that from Aristotle)

  2. I like that quote! I agree with you on that one – we definitely have to play to our strengths because 1. it makes us happy and 2. it’s what we’re good at! I think being able to know your strengths and weaknesses is important though – you know which things you need to work a bit harder on and which things you can bring to the table and share with others.

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