Summertime is for Snuggle time!



Meet Leonard

Yes, I know this post is not about art education or art advocacy but I thought I’d introduce you to my one and only Lenny!  Leonard, aka: the Lenster, Len-Ben, Lerard Lepardeux, Lipper, and so on, is an off-the-wall miniature dachshund who is the world’s best snuggler when he’s not jumping off couches and begging for treats.  We’ve had an awful lot of time to hang out due to all of the online classes I’m taking this summer through Viterbo and the Art of Education.  Right now I’m taking Assessment in Art Education and The Element, a class that focuses on how to find your true Element based on the book by Ken Robinson.


This is how sad he was when I told him I had to go back to school in a month.


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  1. I have a dog too…..yep…even if your post isn’t art related it is still ok……we can find so much art inspiration just around us and by being with those we love….including our dogs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. He’s definitely an inspiration! In fact, I’m going to paint a portrait of him tomorrow! Perhaps I’ll share!

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