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AAA: Americans for the Arts and Advocacy!

Are you looking for new ways to advocate for the arts in your community?  How about ways to get parents involved in the advocacy process?  Maybe you are interested in National Arts Policies and how they affect the arts in schools.


When our school was considering cutting several fine arts programs a few years ago I did a little research and discovered Americans for the Arts.  What is Americans for the Arts?  It’s a nonprofit organization devoted to advancing the arts in the United States.  I originally used the website for advocacy materials to use during our districts K-12 Art Show, but soon discovered many more resources!  Here you can find advocacy materials for you and your student’s parents.  The advocacy links provide parent-friendly facts about the arts and list 10 ways parents can get more art into their child’s lives.  You can even print and use their campaign ads!


Recently I have become more interested in the politics of education and how I can make a difference. Through Americans for the Arts you can subscribe to receive emails informing you on current political happenings affecting the arts and National Arts Policies.  Or if you like to browse, you can sift through the news and information links.  See what’s happening in your state and Take Action Now!  Click Action Alert links to tell Congress you support the arts and arts education!  Share the information with your school board, principals, teachers, and parents.


So Take Action, Get Involved, Advocate and ASK FOR MORE!


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